BlackBerry lights

Not only does the BlackBerry sport the brightest light in the solar system with the sole exception of the Sun (this fact is yet to be proven but I’m confident of its outcome), its choice of light colours is open to confusion.

As for the former, unconfirmed fact, the green light that flashes when the BlackBerry is bereft of new mail is capable of blinding small children from 50 paces and severely compromising the sight of their parents. Particularly at night. If left face up on the bedside table, the night-time experience is much like having a 747, nay an Airbus A380 (depending on the width of your bed), land in your bedroom, such is the luminosity of its flash. Well, one wing of which at the very least. Unless you and your partner both have BlackBerrys (for that is the plural), in which case I assume it’s like the entire two-winged plane coming in to land, your bed being the start of the runway. You’d have to turn them on at exactly the same time of course, to synchronise their incessant flashing.

In terms of the colour confusion, it’s only when you look away. If you see the BlackBerry flashing out of the corner of your eye, a green flash (no mail) can often be mistaken for a red flash (you got mail). When I say you, I actually mean I, for I’ve not validated this experience with anyone else. I assume it’s something to do with the whole red/green colourblindness thing, not that I am colourblind. It’s just when it’s right at the edge of my range of vision.


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  1. Rob on January 14th, 2008 22:05

    I can confirm that the Blackberry LED is only surpassed in blinding ability by the blip of the Plantronics voyager headsets…

    And you’re absolutely right about the red vs green (vs blue) flash but it has nothing to do with colour blindness. Rather, I believe that your ability to perceive colour is reduced in your peripheral vision in favour of better tonal constrast – something to do with Rods vs Cones

  2. Yazz on January 15th, 2008 18:18

    Of course you could always try turning it off at night…

  3. Tack on January 21st, 2008 04:04

    You can turn it off. It’s a common practice as it does have a tendency to blind small children.

    Under Options -> Screen/Keyboard -> Turn off the LED Coverage Indicator.

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