A few things.

First of all, I’d like to know the production ratio between Bounty blue and Bounty red, the milk and dark chocolate varieties respectively. The red variety (30–50% better, in my opinion), is difficult to come by in shops, although the one at the top of my road sells it.

Secondly, I always felt slightly cheated as a child when my dad bought a Bounty (invariably blue) from the petrol station as a side dish to his petrol. I remember it being a toss-up between a Bounty and a Yorkie, a decision he made within the shop while we/I waited in the car. The Yorkie, with its seven chunks (don’t get me started on their decision to take this down to six), was much more conducive to sharing (I always loved getting a chunk), particularly given my childhood hatred of the Bounty, both varieties.

Finally, I’d like to do a comparison of chocolate bar prices. I recently refused to pay 57p in a WH Smith for a Bounty, my refusal being made after the counter-scan, flummoxing the assistant somewhat. In an effort to understand WH Smith’s mark-up, please could you comment with the price of the following three staple chocolate bars, together with the outlet at which they were being sold:

Thank you. Feel free to respond more than once with prices from more than one outlet. If there is enough response, I’ll do some spreadsheeting.


4 Responses to “Bounty”

  1. molesworth on January 26th, 2008 06:54

    Sommerfield mars 46p bounty 42p chunkie 49p

  2. Dan on January 29th, 2008 05:55

    My own contribution is also from Somerfield:

    Mars: 47p
    Crunchie: 53p
    Bounty: 44p

  3. Jason on February 7th, 2008 22:12

    WH Smith in Guildford Station

    Blue Bounty (of which there were 38): 62p
    Red Bounty (none): unavailable

    I will return tonight to assess the Mars and Crunchie stats.

  4. Paul on February 11th, 2008 00:40

    Super Shop in Kingston:

    Bounty: a reasonable 49p
    Crunchie: a somewhat disconcerting 55p
    Yorkie: a global-recession inducing 59p

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