The Snail, the Whale and the memory of an elephant

The Snail and the Whale was the first book I bought for my daughter, and what a great book it is too. My only regret was not buying the board book, instead going for the easily-chewable paperback.

I’ve realised recently that I can now recite the entire book off by heart, all 695 words, or 3,450 characters. Which will be a blessing when we’re out and about and she needs a story.

I am only able to recite 22 digits of pi, each being a choice of only ten, compared to 695 words, each having so many more choices. But sentence structure, coupled with the associated rhymes and the memorable storyline, make the challenge a different kettle of fish altogether. If only pi had some order to it…


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  1. Shanahan on January 29th, 2008 00:10

    “If only pi had some order to it…”

    Perhaps it does, you just cannot see it. If something cannot be observed, does it mean it’s not there?

    I’m sure if you stood far back enough, you’d see the order. Perspective is everything in life.

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