Movie websites

Movie websites annoy the shit out of me. Not the sites themselves, but their URLs. I rarely (never) visit them, preferring to get any such data from IMDB.

A Google search for "themovie" brings back pages from the following sites as the top five results:

The list goes on, no doubt through Google’s 493,000 (approximate) results. Basically, when a movie creates an associated movie, they generally strap "themovie" on to the end of the movie’s name, possibly with a preceding hyphen, then add whichever domain extension that’s still available.

Would it not be better for one of the big movie companies (or even an independent body) to consolidate all of its campaign sites (for that’s essentially what they are) under a single URL (, for example), each movie taking its own sub-domain?, etc.?

As well as centralising control for the seemingly endless proliferation, it would allow a more logical experience for the end user.


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  1. Jon Willis on January 31st, 2008 19:15

    This blog entry took me 0.15 Simple Sudoku to read.

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