Cordial regards

My wife does our food shopping on Ocado, a nice man arriving every two weeks with bags full of goodies. With each such delivery, a few bottles of Robinson’s cordial arrive, my wife wanting to capitalise on their being on special offer. (Buy one and get the second half price, or something.) The trouble is: the bi-weekly quantity purchased always exceeds the bi-weekly consumption.

Last night’s delivery brought our stock-pile up to 19 two litre bottles, plus the one that’s currently on the go. If there’s a war, come round to ours for soft drinks.


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  1. Jon on April 20th, 2008 18:00

    If there’s a war, you could drown them in Robinson’s cordial – what a a way to go.

    Now that you have a stockpile of cordial, maybe you could start a secondary delivery service – aimed at cordial addicts – you could become a cordial dealer.

    Images of hiring small children on bikes to deliver your illicit cordial to your ‘customers’ come to mind, along with dawn raids at your home by the MCS (Metropolitan Cordial Squad).

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