Unknown status

I’m troubled. My twitter updates are currently set to automatically update my Facebook status. But I have a number of subscribers to both who are no doubt fed up with having to read not only once, but twice, the trivialities of my day-to-day life.

But I don’t know what constitutes a Twitter update, and what constitutes a Facebook status. Or do I need to choose one platform and stick to it. (I hope not.)

I’m leaning towards using Facebook for physical activity-related stuff, and Twitter for more ethereal statuses, and severing the link between the two. Does anyone have experience in this area? Help!

(As an aside, since first drafting the sentence beginning "I’m leaning towards", I’ve switched the words Facebook and Twitter around umpteen times. I’m genuinely struggling here.)


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  1. Simon on February 12th, 2009 12:27

    Facebook for people who care about you
    Twitter for people who care about what you say
    Unless you’re a celebrity, like Stephen Fry. He’s bucking the trend.


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