iTunes enhancements

There are a couple of enhancements that Apple should make to iTunes that would make my life a whole lot easier.

First of all, please allow the de-duplication of tracks without compromising the make-up of albums.  I don’t want five identical copies of Blur’s Girls and Boys.  As well as eating up memory unnecessarily (a minor inconvenience given the amount of storage available), it means that randomising the order of tracks on the iPod/iPhone/iTunes results in that track being played many times over.  (I’m currently going through the songs on my iPhone in track name order (from A–Z), exacerbating the problem, to my exasperation.)

I don’t mind there being different versions of the same song.  But if there are two tracks with the same song name, within a second or two in length, with similar musical make-ups, then give the option of creating a master and a slave copy, and managing the music that way.  (If the master is deleted, then replace one of its slaves with the master and re-point all of the other slaves etc.)

And please have the concept of a device-independent star-rating and play count.  When I change my device, I shouldn’t have to re-star all of my music; and my 25 most played tracks shouldn’t be reset.

Can you sort it, Apple?  Well, can you?


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