Corporation Tax: it shouldn’t have to be taxing

In a follow-up to my VAT whinge from the weekend, here’s a follow-up whinge relating to Corporation Tax.  Not the government’s fault this time, but my bank’s.  Although the two are now somewhat synonymous, given the banks’ funding arrangements.

I tried to pay HMRC my Corporation Tax last weekend, but my online banking interface wouldn’t let me.  The amount of the transaction (five figures) surpassed the daily amount that I could transfer.  I could keep coming back on a daily basis to pay a bit more, but that’s hardly the point.

I called them up to find out whether I could undertake the transaction over the phone.  But I couldn’t.  The same rules apply.  The lady directed me to pay by cheque or make the transaction in a branch.

I popped into a branch today, and the teller told me (is that why they’re called tellers?) that the only way to pay that amount electronically was to perform a Bacs transfer, costing me £30.

Now I’m not a big fan of paying money to HMRC at the best of times.  But paying for this privilege is certainly not something I’m keen to embrace.  So I’ll be writing a cheque tonight.  And popping it in the post.  A transaction that will cost me more to facilitate (in the form of a stamp and an envelope), will likely cost both HMRC and my bank more to process.



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