Golf in honour of Her Majesty

Yesterday I played golf. Civil servants get the day off the end of May Bank Holiday as a privilege day, meaning they don’t bother turning up for work in honour of one of the Queen’s many birthdays.  I too took the day as holiday and joined two of them for a day of golf at Cray Valley near Orpington.

Now this morning, the sun is shining and conditions are perfect for a relaxing round of golf.  Yesterday, there was light rain throughout the day, clearing up the moment we stepped off the 18th green.  Bastard rain.

I’ve not played for a couple of years, but held my own pretty well.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  I held Simon’s late dad’s.  His driver.  And it served me very well indeed.  The direction was not always spot on, but the distance and connection was there 90% of the time, which is no mean feat for someone whose last round was probably two years ago.

I went out in 56, which I was marginally disappointed with, mainly because it was tainted by a septuple bogey on the first hole—four shots of which were taken within inches of one another in a bunker.  Had that been a six instead of an eleven, I’d have been ecstatic with a 51.

And I came back in 48, a remarkable feat for me, but a half-round again tainted by a hapless nine on the twelfth.  My last six holes were all fives, something I don’t think my scorecard has ever seen.

And four pars in a single round is unheard of for me.  (Simon disagrees, and never having played me before, believes I’m a ringer.  I’ll suggest he calls my dad to vouch for my overall ineptitude for the game.)

Simon will be producing a full, Excel-driven Stableford analysis forthwith.  But in the meantime, I’ll dine out on my score of 104 and my three pars.  Despite the rain, I spent a great day in very good company, and here’s hoping my next round is less than two years from now.

Now, I must speak to Simon about his dad’s will, and whether the driver was in fact left to his son’s friend, one that he’d never met.  I’m hopeful.


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  1. Simon on June 2nd, 2010 10:57

    Infuriating man.

    Yes, a good day, I’m sure we can come to some arrangement about the driver – I’ve always hated it, so was glad to see that you had some fun with it, even though the dervish-esque practice swings were cause for some concern.


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