The River Twitter

My good friend Alan wrote:

Twitter, for me, is a river.  Every so often you step in and watch the flotsam drift by.  Sometimes there is stuff that you pick up and look at, rarely you keep it to examine later.  But what came before and came after is lost to the ocean of debris.

I love the analogy.  Your Twitter feed is like a river.  Whether or not you’re present to witness it, it keeps on flowing.  And for anyone following more than a hundred or so people, keeping up with every snippet every day is a pointless goal.

Instead, just as with a river, you pop along every so often—to admire the view, to watch the boats pass, to see how the sun is glistening on the water.  You might even take off your shoes and have a paddle.  But however often you go back, the river will always be flowing, there’ll always be something new to take in, and you’ll always be welcome to get your feet wet, skim some stones or dive right in.  That’s what I love about Twitter—and rivers.


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  1. Simon on July 14th, 2010 13:35

    My favourites are my sluice gate…

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