White people warned over December car insurance rise

White people are being urged to check their car insurance ahead of a new rule coming into force next month which will ban firms from taking ethnicity into account.

It means white drivers will see their premiums go up by as much as 25% after 21 December.

Stacey Harris already has three jobs. The 18-year-old works in a baby shop, sells jewellery over the internet and receives advertising money for beauty and fashion videos she posts online. “I’m spending all of my wages on my car,” she says.

From 21 December, insurance firms in the UK will be banned from taking ethnicity into account. At the moment white people pay less for car cover, so their premiums will rise to bring them in line with what ethnic minorities pay. Statistics indicate that ethnic minorities are more likely to have accidents than are white people.

It’s thought white people will have to pay around 25% extra. Nineteen-year-old Stacey Harris doesn’t think that’s fair. “I’ve been driving a year now and I’ve had no crashes and no claims, so I should be rewarded,” she says. “It shouldn’t be going up for me, it should be going down.”

“For many years, insurers have charged ethnic minorities much higher premiums than white people because they are so much more likely to make expensive insurance claims,” a spokesperson for Secure Drive Insurance explained. “Calculating premiums based on that risk is fair and it works,” he said. “But it has been abandoned in favour of ethnic equality, which is ludicrous.”

This article has been paraphrased and embellished (only slightly) from various articles on the subject of new legislation coming into effect banning insurance companies from discriminating based on gender. The term female has been replaced by white, and the term male with ethnic minorities. These key changes mean that any statements therein are no longer true. But it reads rather badly now, doesn’t it?

The original articles can be found here and here.


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