Backhanded compliments? The non-committal adjectives used to describe Maggie

Below is a selection of the delightful non-committal adjectives used to describe Margaret Thatcher in the period immediately following her death.

David Cameron:

an “extraordinary leader and an extraordinary woman”

Ed Miliband:

“Margaret Thatcher was a unique and towering figure”

a “unique figure” who “reshaped the politics of a whole generation”

Lady Thatcher’s beliefs were “rooted in people’s everyday lives”

Lady Thatcher “broke the mould”

Nick Clegg:

“the memory of her will continue undimmed, strong and clear for years to come”

“Margaret Thatcher was one of the defining figures in modern British politics. Whatever side of the political debate you stand on, no-one can deny that as prime minister she left a unique and lasting imprint on the country she served.”

Cheryl Gillan, former Conservative MP:

“may not see the like of Lady Thatcher again in our lifetime”

Lord Hill of Oareford:

“I think we all agree she made a huge difference to the country she loved”

Alex Salmond:

a “truly formidable prime minister whose policies defined a political generation”

Tony Blair:

a “towering political figure”

And finally, a more obviously complimentary one.

Patrick Wintour, political editor of the Guardian:

“She had beautiful hands and lovely ankles”




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